September 21st, 2009

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Data Backup
  • External hard drive protects your data against accidental deletion and hard drive failure. All our external drives come with a 5 year warranty which means you are getting the best quality drive.
  • 500gb $99 1TB $149.
  • Saves you money by protecting your data: Data recovery off damaged drive $160-$4000.
  • Online backup protects your data and is stored at a remote facility. $75 per year unlimited backup.
external drive
Surge Protector or Battery Backups
  • Surge protector $25. There are cheaper ones out there but go with the best. Guaranteed to save your expensive electronics.
  • Saves you money by protecting your: Power supply $75-$200, Motherboard $200-$400.
  • Battery Backup keeps your computer running during dips and sags in electricity. Also protects against surges.
Virus Protection
  • This is very important. A proper antivirus can save you a lot of money in removals.
  • Norton internet security 3 user $75 virus, spyware protection. Slows your computer down the least of any antivirus.
  • Norton 360 3 user $85 Virus & spyware protection. Backs up your computer automatically and does regular maintenance automatically.
  • Saves you money by preventing: Virus Removal $75, Backup and reinstallation $149, protects identity and credit card info: Priceless.
Norton Anti-Virus
Dust Cleaning
  • Air can $10 with a no liquid residue and has a bitter taste that prevents inhaling.
  • In store cleaning $20 Completely disinfects your keyboard (removes germs) and cleans out all dust comes with a lemon fresh scent.
  • Saves you money by prolonging the life of all internal parts, speeding up your computer, eliminating germs on your keyboard.
Memorex Air Duster
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